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The Alexandria Wreck Diving Site in Larnarca, Cyprus

Scuba diving through the Alexandria wreck in Cyprus

About the dive site

The Alexandria or ‘Alex’ as it is known by the local divers is an old fishing trawler that sank in an upright position several years ago, around 2006. It has been suggested that it was on its way to be scrapped and whilst being towed from Larnaca to Limassol a storm broke out and the vessel sank.

The Alexandria fishing trawler wreck dive site
Portholes of the Alexandria trawler wreck near Zenobia, Cyprus

Fishing trawler wreck dive near the Zenobia


The Alexandria Wreck is located just 200 meters away from the world famous Zenobia wreck and due to the location of the ‘Alex’ and its proximity to one of the best wrecks in the world, is one of the reasons why there are so many fish. The Zenobia has a strict ‘No Fishing’ zone around the area of the wreck which helps to sustain the marine life.


Barracudas, moray eels and tuna can be spotted around Alexandria.


The Alex sits in 30 Metres of water, is approx, 35-40 meters in length and around 8-10 meters wide.

Colourful fish at the Alexandria Wreck dive site in Cyprus
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