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Diving the Zenobia wreck site in Lanarca, Cyprus

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The Zenobia ferry wreck near Lanarca in Cyprus

What is the Zenobia wreck depth?

The ferry " Zenobia " sank on it's maiden voyage in 1980 off the coast of Larnaca.  It now lies at a wreck depth of 16 to 42 meters down, on it's port side.  The Zenobia weighs 10,000 tons, is 172 meters long, and 28 meters wide.  On board there are more than 100 lorries and cars, many of these can be found outside of the ship.

What does the Zenobia wreck dive involve?

You will have two guided dives on this magnificent wreck.  We will explore the 172m long vehicle ferry, see many of the 100 vehicles that are still on board, swim around the two large propellers, explore the bridge, cafeteria, anchor, and bow thrusters to mention just a few of the wonders waiting to be seen.  There is also a huge variety of marine life, including Barracuda and Grouper.

Boat trip from Lanarca to the Zenobia wreck


We depart from Dive Point at 6.45 am, drive to Lanarca and board the large, comfortable diving boat at Lanarca marina by 9am.  The short journey to the Zenobia takes only 15 minutes.


Our 19 m well shaded dive boat, has refreshments facilities, toilets and changing area on board.  We arrive back in Paphos approximately 3.30 pm after two of the most memorable dives you may ever do.

Want to dive the Zenobia in a group? Need somewhere to stay in Lanarca?


Get in touch! Group bookings & Hotel Accommodation in Lanarca can be arranged.

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