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Scuba Diving PADI Courses in Cyprus

Introductory Diving, Open Water, Rescue and Dive Masters

PADI, BSAC, snorkel, Coral Bay, Akamas

With your first underwater breath, the door opens to a different world!!


Once through that door, your life is never the same.  The underwater world is full of adventure and mystery.  In any part of the world amid other peoples and cultures, you will discover sunken ships, wrecks, and nature.  You can see more in ten minutes under the water than you could in ten hours in the most unspoiled wilderness above.


Courses for beginner to advanced divers

Bubble Maker

8-10 years old+

Cost: €70 Euro

A half day introduction to diving for 8-10 year olds.


This dive is conducted on a 1:1 basis.

Discover Scuba Diving

10 years old+

Cost: €65 Euro

An introduction to diving. You will experience first hand the joys of diving in our wonderful sea.

Scuba Diver Course

10 yeards old+

Cost: €340 Euro

E-learning, pool skills development & 2 Open Water sea dives to a maximum depth of 12m, Duration 1-2 days

Open Water Diver Course

10 years old+

Cost: €480 Euro

E-learning, pool skills development & 4 Open Water sea dives to a maximum depth of 18m (12m max depth for under 15 yrs) .  Duration 3-4 days. 

Adventure Diver

12 years old+

Cost: €310 Euro

E-learning, a choice of 3 local adventure dives that can be completed in 1 day.  


Advanced Open Water Diver

Cost: €380 Euro

Consists of e-learning, 5 local dives.  Deep & Navigation and 3 elective dives.  Duration 2-3 days.

Two divers swimming during an advanced open diving course

Emergency First Response

Cost: €230 Euro

1 day course.

(A prerequisite for Rescue Diver)

A lone diver practising emercy first response underwater

Rescue Diver Course

Cost: €490 Euro

E-learning, practical skills development to cover accident avoidance, self help, life saving techniques and rescue management.  Duration 2-3 days.


Diver Master Course

Cost: On request

The first step in your professional dive level.  Course content on request

Speciality Courses


There are no course fees when you do specialty courses with us, all you pay for is your dives, the PADI course materials and Certification Card (PIC).


There is only one exception - the Enriched Air Course (NITROX). In this course all you pay in addition to:


a. Your dives

b. Course materials

c. PIC


is the academic (classroom) session (3-4 hours) and the cost of Nitrox fills (at cost).


A wide range of shore & boat dive packages available.


We can cater to your needs.


For more information or to enquire, please contact us.




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