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Limassol Wrecks Diving in Cyprus

The Costandis fishing vessel before it sank
The Lady Thetis coastal vessel before it sank


"Costandis" & "Lady Thetis"


We are pleased to be able to introduce to our dive program, the opportunity to dive on two new interesting wrecks in Limassol. Well Suitable for new & experienced divers, a must try! 

"Costandis" Fishing Trawler Wreck 


This fishing vessel that was operated as a bottom trawler, was built in USSR in 1989. It's Russian name was "Zolotets". It was registered at the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1997 and operated in international waters in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea for a short period of time.


Max Depth: 24 meters

Length: 23 meters

The Costandis wreck underwater dive site in Limassol, Cyprus
The rear of the Costandis wreck in Limassol, Cyprus

"Lady Thetis" Coastal Vessel Wreck


Lady Thetis was previously named "Reiher". It was a passenger coastal vessel. It was built in Hamburg, Germany in 1953 and it was registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1990.


Max Depth: 18 meters

Length: 30 meters

Outside of the wrecked Lady Thetis boat in Limassol, Cyprus
Scuba diving inside the Lady Thetis wreck in Limassol, Cyprus
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