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Explore Dive Sites in Cyprus

Diving sites in Paphos, Latchi, Lanarca and Limassol

White River

Suitable for beginners and experienced alike.

Depth Range: 3m -18m


Located on the Akamas peninsular.  Beach walk in entry and exit.  Amazing rock formation to explore, swim along tunnels, through chimneys, caves and overhangs.  Buttercup coral can be seen on this dive.  Ideal dive site for photography.  



White River Dive Site on Akamas peninsular

​Manijin Island

Suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Depth Range 8m - 26m


A scenic island dive site that can be visited from shore and by boat.  The south side of this small island offers divers the opportunity to swim along cliff faces, through caves, and swim throughs.  The north side is a shallower dive site, with more opportunities to explore swim throughs, caves, see the abundance of marine life and ancient pottery.

The Manijin Island scenic dive site
Sea caves in the Paphos area of Cyprus

Sea Caves

Suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Depth Range 2m - 18m


A lovely relaxing dive for beginners and experienced alike with an easy walk in entry and exit point.  Starting from the shallows we work our way gradually to 4m where we can see ancient terracotta pots lie everywhere, plenty of marine life can be found in this area, for the more experience we can make our way through a cave and explore the many gullies this site has to offer.  

The Stage dive site with plenty of underwater features

The Stage

Suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Depth Range 3m - 20m


This dive site gives you the opportunity to explore walls, gullies and overhangs.  Porous rock in the stage allows sunlight to shine through creating the effect of stage lighting.  Pipefish, cleaner shrimps and sea cucumber are among many of the marine life found at the stage.    


Suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Depth Range 3m - 20m


Easy walk in or stride entry into this beautiful dive site.  This site offers the divers the opportunity to explore the many excellent rock formations and gullies.  Groupers can be seen in the wall cave, Yellow spotted moray eels, flute fish, cuttle fish, octopus and cleaner shrimps to name just a few can been seen in the shallow amphitheatre (8m).

Underwater ampitheatre dive site

Wreck of the Zenobia

(Depth range from 16m to 42m)


One of the top 10 wrecks in the world.  Sank in 1980 with 106 vehicles on board, is a superb dive site and should not be missed.  We explore the ships two large propellers, swim around the stern, examine the lorries lying on the sea bed and on the vehicle deck, explore the lifeboats, bridge, cafeteria, anchor, bow thrusters not forgetting the abundance of sea life that will follow you around on your dive.  A must for experienced divers.


The Zenobia Wreck dive at a depth of 16m to 42m

​The Channel

Suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Depth Range 6m - 16m


A stunning site in which we swim along through a narrow channel, descend through a small cave and swim along a wall descending slowly to our maximum depth of 16m.  Plenty of large rocks formations to explore, including a few caves to look in.  Goby fish, flying/streaked gurnards, Moses sole and small flounders have been seen on this dive.  There is also a large cave with resident bats that we can explore.

A channel dive site with caves and rock formations
Scuba diving the Slipway in Cyprus


Suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Depth Range 4m - 24m


Stride entry into this dive site, swim through several caves, along a large overhang, descending over many large boulders, exploring the many gullies until we reach our maximum depth.  At our maximum depth we continue to explore many interesting features slowly returning to shallower depth and returning to our exit point.


Suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Depth Range 2m - 14m


Entry to this dive site is via a shallow sea pool, which is an excellent diver training area and well suited for beginners. We slowly descend to 4m and explore the many varied rock formation, descending again we swim through a cave follow a wall and explore this delightful easy going dive. There are plenty of sponges seen on this site, together with a wide variety of marine life.

A shallow sea pool dive site called Cynthiana

Pistol Bay

Suitable for beginners and experienced divers.

(Depth ranges 4m to 22m)


Easy walk entry/exit to this dive site.  Dive begins at 4m and as we follow along a wall we descend gradually to 12m and explore many caves and swim through’s.  The caves and swim through’s are at depths ranging from 6m to 12m, are well illuminated with natural light and can be easily explored.  We can gradual descent to our max depth of 22m where small flounders and other marine life can be seen.  

The Pistol Bay dive site with caves and swim throughs

Wreck of "Costandis"

Suitable for new &

experienced divers.

Max. Depth: 24m



The Limassol wreck of Costandis, in Cyprus

Wreck of "Lady Thetis"

Suitable for new &

experienced divers.

Max. Depth: 18m



The dive site wreck of Lady Thetis in Limassol, Cyprus
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