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Scuba Diving Prices in Cyprus

Dive Point Diving Centre Programme


We are a professional BSAC/PADI scuba diving school that can offer you comprehensive and friendly tuition in the following global recognized courses and diving experiences.

All of the listed prices include the use of all SCUBA equipment, transport and service of your professionally qualified BSAC & PADI Instructor/Guide.



Discover Scuba Diving: - Introduction Dive

(Conducted on max ratio 1:2)


A half day introduction to diving. Age: 10+ Years          




Single dive€65.00


Double dive€90.00

For all you first timers, our qualified instructors will coach and escort you on a shallow dive in one of our most scenic locations, where you will begin to discover the wonders of the diving world. All equipment is provided for each dive.

PADI Registered Dive Instructor Providing Safety Training

Beginner Divers


2nd Dive after introduction dive -

(Conducted on a different day):-


Paphos: €60.00


This 2nd dive gives you the opportunity to be guided by your Instructor to another suitable dive site and continue your exploration of the beautiful underwater world.

Children being trained to scuba dive


Bubblemaker - Children's diving course in Cyprus :-


Introduction dive suitable for 8 to 10 year olds (Conducted on a 1:1 Ratio)

Single dive: €70.00      

(in the sea)

Advanced, Qualified Divers

Guided Shore Dive:-


Minimum diver certification: Open Water (or equivalent)


GUIDED SHORE DIVE - (Paphos) - 1 DIVE:  €60.00


GUIDED SHORE DIVE - (Paphos) - 2 DIVES: €90.00


Our instructors will guide you around some of the picturesque dive sites in the Paphos area.

Qualified dive guide leading a shore dive

Guided Boat Dive:-


Minimum diver certification: Open Water (or equivalent)

GUIDED BOAT DIVE - (Latchi) - 2 DIVES: €140.00 (price based on 4 divers)

A group of divers preparing to dive from the boat with Dive Point Cyprus staff

Non Divers included:-


Non-Divers can join us for our boat dives, where you can either chill on the boat or enjoy swimming or snorkelling. These sites provide an excellent opportunity to see turtles during the months of June to September and plenty of marine life at other times. 


Price: €50.00

Two divers preparing to dive at night off the back of a boat


The Wreck of the 'Zenobia' Day Trip

Sinking ferry called 'Zenobia' in Cyprus

You will have two guided day dives on this magnificent wreck.  We will explore the 172m long vehicle ferry, see many of the 100 vehicles that are still on board, swim around the two large propellers, explore the bridge, cafeteria, anchor, bow thrusters to mention just a few wonders waiting to be seen.  There is also a large variety of marine life that must be seen.


GUIDED ZENOBIA DIVE - (Larnaca) - 2 DIVES: €145.00 (based on 4 divers)

GUIDED ZENOBIA DIVE - (Larnaca) - Non Divers: €55.00

All of the above prices include the use of all SCUBA equipment, transport and service of your professionally qualified BSAC & PADI Instructor/Guide


"Costandis" and "Lady Thetis" Wrecks - Limassol Day Tri

The Costandis fishing boat near Paphos, Cyprus
The Lady Thetis coastal passenger vessel before it sank in Limassol, Cyprus
Constandis, one of the underwater Limassol Wrecks
Lady Thetis, one of the Limassol Wrecks in Cyprus

Join us on our day trip to Limassol to explore two new interesting wrecks "Costandis" & "Lady Thetis".  Two boat dives, only 5 mins from shore. We start the day off at 8:00 am and finish at approximately 14:00.  


Wreck 1: - "Costandis" -  (Fishing vessel used as bottom trawler)


Length: 23m

Max. Depth: 25m


Wreck 2:- "Lady Thetis" - (Passenger coastal vessel)


Length: 30m

Max. Depth: 19m

2 Guided Boat Dive Trip (8:00 - 14:00) - €130 per person (based on 4 divers)

€50 Non Diver 

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